Album Akrobat (release: 28.02.2014)


The title of Tango Transit’s new album “Akrobat” inspires the listener’s imagination in many ways as does the music itself. Artistry, skill and play are only a few terms that come to mind when describing the trios’ music. On their third album, the band (accordion, bass, drums) celebrates a unique musical variety and lives it out thoroughly.
Adepts of different genres find themselves pleased with the groups diversity. Compositions between Jazz, Tango and even tunes with a pop affinity (such as one of the few covers on the album: Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage”) blend very well on this latest release of Tango Transit.
The Tango of today has become more urban and contemporary, World Music is rather cosmopolitan than tribal. The group has successfully combined compositional diversity with versatile skills to create a sound of their own on “Akrobat”.

Three Towers



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