Tango Transit is a German crossover band formed in 2008. Martin Wagner (accordion), Hanns Höhn (bass) and Andreas Neubauer (drums) have consequently developed their original style between Jazz, Tango, Blues and other influences such as Funk and Cajun music. According to the group, the term Tango refers to a state of expression and energy rather than merely a musical style or format.
The band has released four albums and a live-DVD to date and tours extensively throughout Germany and European countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria and Romania. They have appeared in clubs and festivals alike and leave audiences subsequently impressed.

Tango Transit
“Fröhliche Stille Nacht” (2017, as ‘ENGELRAUSCH’)
“Akrobat” (2014)
“Tango Transit spielt Engelrausch” (2013)
“Live im Thalhaus” (2013)
“Blut” (2011)
“Preview” (2009)